Blue Mountain Snow Dusters

In response to the winter weather conditions, the Blue Mountain Snow Dusters Club has decided to cancel their annual BMSD Radar Run that is usually held at Stocker Pond. According to club officials, the level of snow and slush has made the area potentially dangerous and all members will be advised if the event is to be rescheduled at a later date.

For those that are new to BMSD, the club was originally started in 1974 for a small group of people that enjoyed the recreational use of snowmobiles. However, BMSD differed from other similar clubs in that they also addressed other popular winter activities, such as cross country skiing. While the club exists to promote these outdoor winter recreation events, there are other concerns for the group as well.

First and foremost is the commitment of BMSD to charitable causes. Since its inception, the group has given an annual donation to Easter Seals and has organized many other fundraising events to help local community charities and to preserve the integrity of the mountain trails for cross country skiing and riding of snowmobiles.

The BMSD club is strictly voluntary and no member will ever be required to pay fees to join the organization. However, the group does ask its members to volunteer time to enhance the community. The most common manifestation of this is through trail maintenance in the spring. Ad hoc work crews go through the popular trails and remove any debris or trees that have fallen over the winter. In addition, fallen bridges are repaired and trails are sometimes rerouted when a project will take more than a single day. Although the maintenance of these long trails can be quite difficult at times, the reward is being able to enjoy them year round for the club’s activities as well as other forms of outdoor recreation.