Composition and sequential application of the giclee varnish

Composition of giclee varnish The varnish is made out of chemical mixtures, whichbring a transparent look on the surface of wooden furniture. It also imparts a hardened surface, and because of the hardened surface, you tend to get a protective film on the surface of the furniture. This film of chemical is not only provided with the wooden furniture but also several other materials, and one such type is known as Canvas Varnish. Generally, a solvent is used to apply it over the surface and the solvents composed of resins or different types of oils.
Steps to use varnish over paint There are several items in the market that are new and have great value for the users. But the value is added only when it is applied properly. Therefore it is important to notice the application of using the giclee varnish over the paints. The step-by-step application is basic for proper application of varnish over the paints. Here are some of the ideas that will help you to have a sequential idea regarding the applying of varnish. These are mentioned in the points given below: • At first, you need to remove the dirt and dust from the surface of the wood.

 • Then use the brush to apply the varnish over the cleaned surface of the furniture. • The application of the varnish should not be made once rather one should use it repeatedly over few days to bring a coating over the wooden surface. • Then you should use the polishing materials to polish the varnished surface, which will give a smooth finish on the surface of furniture. Several other types of varnish are also being introduced so that the way of applying varnish as well as the durability of varnish lasts longer. One of such varnish is canvas liquid varnish. As it is in liquid form so it makes that application easier and people prefer to use it.