Disadvantages of Online Games

In today’s generation, online gaming is one of the active developing trends. Especially, for kids always parents will advise to stay away from online games. Online games are useful as well as bad for kids. Along with advantages, there are some disadvantages.
Internet Connection It is one of the main disadvantages. Because if you do not have internet, then you are not able to play online games. Becoming an addiction Most of the children will get addicted to online games especially for genres like action games, racing games, cooking games etc. If once they addicted to that it is not an easy thing to bring out from that. Health Issues To play online games if anyone spends a lot of time then automatically health issues can appear. Especially, eyesight will get affected. Cost To have internet connection one should pay money. And some online video games will allow after paying the entrance fee only. Negative impact on studies Children once they have addicted they will not listen to anyone. Children always keep on playing online games so, it will affect their studies.Few genres like cooking games for girls though it teaches some good. Action games, card games etc. will give the wrong impact on studies to them. Harassment In an online game that will allow getting connected with many people so, harassment also may occur. Virus There are many online games if people download those games then that will affect their computers with a virus. For example, many cooking games like Diner Dash, Cooking mama and Overcookedetc. are downloaded by majority people in the world. By downloading these games from different websites system your system can be detected with virus. Relationship with friends and family members Online games will affect relationship with friends or family members. Because people will spend their whole time in this games only.