Fact About Promise Rings

For those who have become the giver or a receiver of a promise ring, you are aware it is a symbolic gesture. It doesn't make a difference in case you are the giver or the recipient, when a promise ring is given; the promise to the symbol itself should be and have to be kept.

You will find four reasons why this jewelry is given. The primary reason (typically the primary one) is a promise of pre-engagement. Most young couples that desire to wed or get participated may discover themselves too young for this kind of thing. Thus, a promise rings for men which is provided from a person to a woman entails that the couple are made for one another, simply incapable to give right afterward.

Chastity and material abstinence are reasons parents give their kids one of the rings. The kid's promise to hisor her parents that they'll refrain from sex until marriage and steer clear of societal pressures of drinking, doing drugs and smoking.

The 3rd reason a promise rings for men is given is in cases of monogamy. Whereas, a couple decides not to get married and picks to steer clear of betrothal simply for the now, a promise ring can symbolize a couple's devotion to one another.

The fourth reason is to maintain a friendship. Buddies can give each other a promise ring so they are going to remember one another as they get old and perhaps move far from one another.

So which finger should it be worn on? Well, for issues of the heart either the left or right ring finger is going to do for pre-betrothals and monogamy vows. In case the ring is to symbolize abstinence, the left ring finger should be where it goes. Eventually, this is to come off and be set with an engagement and/or wedding ring. For cases of material abstinence, any finger is going to do. Yet, left ring finger is preferable. In case a friendship ring will be given, then any fingers, thumbs also, are excellent.