How do you buy good headphones

There are several headphones under 200. In order to choose a good pair of headphones among the several types of headphones under 200, here are a few tips.
You should choose headphones which have great clarity of sound as well as the sound produced should be sharp. There should be balance of sound and they should support a wide range of sound. These should also be portable and easy to cart around. They should not interfere with your hairstyle, wearing of sunglasses or wearing of hats. Good headphones are comfortable to use, they should not get overheated and they should not be health hazards. Some headphones leave you bruised badly and therefore before you buy headphones, you need to test it out for atleast 10 minutes to ensure it is comfortable, does not get too heavy and does not overheat the ears. When you want to use these for extended periods of time you should also ensure that the headphones offer the maximum comfort and do not extert too much pressure on the eardrums. If this is not taken into account, there are chances that you will end up with ear damage.
The best headphones also should be pleasing to look at and based on the aesthetic factors of each person, these headphones need to be chosen. Finally, what can be concluded is that the wearer needs to choose a headphone for himself or herself based on their needs, likes, dislikes, comfort and convenience. It should be based on all these factors and not merely on the price factor. Therefore it is important to list down the needs, the various features one is looking for and then go out shopping for headphones, else in the vast selection, one may get totally lost and confused or may come back with a pair of headphones which will either not suit their purpose or will be a waste of money.