How to ensure a good pregnancy massage

Pregnancy brings in enough discomfort as it is. So when you go for a Pregnancy Massage you need to make sure that you are totally comfortable and benefitted with it. Let us see how you can do that –
Get Comfy – When your therapist asks you to lie down, ensure that your position is comfortable for you. They should have lots of pillows on hand. Do not feel shy to ask for some more. In fact, if your therapist is a really good one, then they should have specially designed pillows for prenatal massage.
Massage Table – Different therapists use different kinds of tables. Some lift up the table a little as ladies usually prefer the semi reclining position. Some tables also have a hole cut up in the middle through which your belly is let through. No studies have yet told us whether these are good or bad. So let your comfort levels do the talking. If you do not like it, do not go through with it.
Remove all – It would be best to remove all clothing including undergarments during your antenatal massage. Then again, it is entirely up to you.
Be open – Be open with your therapist. If you have any medical issues or any other query let them know. They could accordingly develop a plan for your therapy.
Move Safely – Ensure that you get off and get on to the table with utmost care. You do not want any mishaps while getting a massage.
Lotions or oils – For most women, during pregnancy their sense of smell is heightened. So if there is something that you do not like, let them know. You could even bring in your own body oil if you are particular. However, restrict it to your oil. Do not bring in your own lotion. Simple body or hand lotions will not work. Therapists use special massage lotions which are so made for that extra glide motion. click here for more information Post partum massage blog review