Hungry Shark World: Fast Walkthrough and Missions Guide

This can be a fast walkthrough and hungry shark world hack guide. It's going to cover assignments and all Shark scenarios available in the game. You principal aim is to immediately unlock the Great White Shark, the biggest and most deadly of the sharks in the game. Feed him up to become a ten ton killing machine!

Your Shark's Routine

- Find Shells to unlock you present shark's assignments. Find them by exploring new places, shores, islands and the seabed. To see your current assignments, exploit on the Casing in the left of your game display. Entire all of these to unlock the Super Mission for more Coins! - Your objective is to survive so long as you get high score points can, and earn coins. - For buying new sharks, just spend your Coins from early to mid game. - It's also strongly suggested that you simply buy the "Basic Map" thing in the store. - Attempt to avoid anything that may damage your energy bar, unless they can be eaten by you!

Reef Shark's Scenario - Use the map above as your guide, because you do not have a map at this moment. - The Fall Stage is wherever the game will be begun by your shark. - Gather those 9 Shells and do not forget to claim your Daily Compensation (torso above). - Familiarize yourself together with the controls, revel in and explore! - Use brief bursts to pursue those creatures swifter than you. - Don't buy things or any upgrades. Economize your Coins for use that is better. Remarkable Assignments (white, not grayed) -Pelican Pinch: Simply go to the surface and catch them all!

-Turtle Neck: Refer to the map above. Go to those circled places that are blue to find some turtles swimming near.