Know the top five 12 step alternatives

The concept of AA recovery or the 12 step is increasing among the people from day to day. Thousands of people have joined the program to help one another get rid of their addictions and live a simple and peaceful life. There sure are a number of ways to get rid of your addictions, but the 12 step is one of the most popular among them. You will get a number of 12 step alternatives over the internet, but not all of them can help you effectively. Here you will find the top five best alternatives to AA.
The best 5 alternatives to AA Refuge Recovery- It is a Buddhist inspired path to recovery which is based on the inventory process, guiding principles and amends process. It does not have a believer in the higher power, and it uses the practices of renunciation and compassion. The 12 Step Buddhist- It is a Buddhist book with the somewhat same approach as that of the Alcoholics Anonymous. This is best for the people who can follow the 12 step model but do not find logic with the god aspect in it. SMART Recovery- It can be said as a secular alternative to the AA approach. It stands for self-management recovery training and is based on the therapy model of the cognitive behavior. It focuses on changing people’s mind set and helping them recover from the addictions. This program is based on four main principles.
Celebrate Recovery- It is a Christian centered recovery program that uses the Christian ideals to help people recover from the addictions. It uses the 8 guiding principles a bit different from the 12 step approach. Group Therapy- In group therapy, you will have a community of people with whom you can share your recovery process, and it helps you to build relationships as well. In these type of programs, you will generally be assisted by a professional who will help you all through your overcoming process. So these were the best five 12 step alternatives.