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In the era where by hedonism dominates the society, the root foundation of making a phone addictive is the app itself. If the system apps are not appealing enough with just a monotonic colour and shape, users will eventually get bored and switch to an new device or dump the old one all together. Hence app companies are put on a high status due to its paramount value in app development milieu. The App Developers is comprised of a team of experience professional mobile app developers in London. The company itself has worked is large and famous corporate companies such as the BBC, Google and also Halifax.
App developing consists of several processes and phases an app has to go through in order to make it into the big market. It starts with the most obvious and important element, which is user interface designing or UI for short. This step plays a major role in making the app beautiful and appealing towards users. It is important to do so to make sure that users do not get carried away or get annoyed by using a poorly designed app. Next come in making the functionality of the app. Experienced backend developers are chosen to code the structural framework of the app according to the clients description of features. After a few debugs and test runs, the first release of the app will be built upon, the initial release are sometimes called the alpha release or the beta release depending on which version it was built upon. The app release will be handled by professional App developers as it needs to have the best store listing in order for the app to a large user base. Last step in the app development process is app marketing which will be blue printed by our best app marketers that has proven success over the last few years.