Richest comedians celebrities of the world

There are number of comedians of in the world who have dedicated their life in making the people to laugh and have impressive smile on their face. They do lots of hard working in becoming the top comedians of the world sand tries their level best to make the people laugh by forgetting all their stress and tension. The aim of the comedians are to make the people to enjoy the time with full of fun and laughing all time on their cracked jokes. Their true dedications have led them in becoming top richest and popular comedian celebrities of the world. Just refer to link and get more about the comedians.
Here are some comedians celebrities- • FRED ARMISON- He was born on 4 December in the year 1966. His birth place is Hattiesburg, Mississippi in United States. His profession is being Comedian but he is also an actor, Screen writer, Television composer and also a voice actor. He did role in many comedy film and have gave exemplary performances includes the Euro Trip, Anchorman and the Cop Out. He was also nominated for Emmy award for the writing variety series and also for commendable supporting actor. His net worth is about $ 7 Million.

• KEVIN NEALON- He was born on 18 November 1953. His birth place is St. Louis in Missouri in United States. In his professional life he is an outstanding comedian with other qualities like actor, writer and voice actor. His nationality is United States of America. He is best known for the cast member on the Saturday Night and acting in the several of happy Madison films. He is really one of the best comedians of the world. He performs very much perfectly and that makes him to get viewed by the large number of people and large followers are following him on social sites. His net worth is about $ 8.5 Millions. These are some commendable comedians of the world and you can get more information through the link click here to get more information