Three productivity tips that should help you get the best out of your maid

Just as it is obtainable in many other organizations, getting the best out of your workers is one task that requires the best strategy and approach. It's certainly not all about having enough money to pay the salary of your foreign domestic helper , there are other very vital tips that should be actively implemented if one is to get the best out of the worker. This article will attempt to shed some light on the right approach and method to get the best out of the helper
Daily to do list This may seem like an obvious thing to do owing to a number of reasons, however, I will have to point out the fact that quite a number of people may not actually be good at making decisions on their own as well as organizing their own schedule and this is why you must take it up as a responsibility to create a work schedule for your helper every day with clear details of what is expected of her to do as well as when it is expected of her to do such. Duties such as time to make lunch as well as when to go get groceries should be clearly spelt out Her wellbeing should be a priority Your maid is not a machine that does not have feelings or grow tired, your maid is a human being and ought to be treated as such. You need to ensure that your helper takes care of her own wellbeing so that she is fit and healthy all year long. Teach her what she may not know already For instance, you could take out time to teach her how to cook certain healthy meals for your children, you could also teach her how to make certain drinks that may prove to be healthy for your children as well as your spouse. In conclusion, your domestic helper does not know everything and as such, she deserves to be taught as much as possible.