Wifi marketing: A new revolution to use the internet for advertisements

wifi marketing is very common in the urban and famous landmarks which are widely observed in all over the world. Wi-Fi marketing is a very creative method to advertise as it compels the users to buy the product. People who are often excited to use the free wifi service get the luring trap to visits the advertisement. They even make specific apps for the wifi usage. People from all walks of life are now praising the amount of goodwill the wifi marketing has brought as it is both uplifting society and creating job opportunities.
Therefore, following are benefits of using the wifi hotspots – • People can easily now access the internet without getting involved with complex password procedure. • The apps usually claim of high-speed wifi with uninterrupted speed • The apps manage to overcome the blockage which is created by low-speed internet. People then can manipulate the speed of internet which turns out to be a great facility. • The hotspot is very profoundly set in such a manner that it can give undivided speed to it’s a whole lot of customers. • Wifi hotspots facilitate almost around 100 people which any disruption in the internet speed
Restaurant wifi on the other hand has an entirely complete motive to make money. They usually establish wifi to lure customer and use it as bait to trap customers. People come either to stop by or drink a cup of coffee. The restaurant lures them by providing the facility for free. The free web servers are filled with endless advertisements and offer which almost and lure the customers to buy them. This is another way through which both the users and the restaurant works out well. In other words it is a passive source of earning for people who are running a restaurant.